Cantona System - Reference Letter

The Cantona Group has chosen to collaborate with Smartcon for all its trade from Turkey to Scandinavia.

There can be several cultural challenges between Turkey and Scandinavia, including understanding of quality and delivery, we have therefore chosen to collaborate with Mr. Mert Ergörün from Smartcon, because he has the right understanding of the Scandinavian needs and knows the importance of quality and delivery times.

Smartcon has negotiated all our agreements and visited all the companies in Turkey and at the     same time been our quality control.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation, which is always handled professionally and quickly.

Smartcon has become a positive part of our daily workday in Cantona and Mert is very well-liked by all Cantona employees.

I would definitely recommend Smartcon if your company is looking for a professional import- partner from Turkey.

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Best regards

Morten W. Stausgaard
Cantona System A/S


ZECE SRL - Reference Letter

The quality demands of European companies, especially in the construction field, can be a challenge when dealing with imports from outside EU.

Having a reliable partner, with extensive knowledge of the Turkish market, is an important guarantee for a successful business.

Our partner is Smartcon because of its high disponibility, flexibility, and quality of services.

Mr. Mert Ergorun was always very prompt and professional, understanding the needs of our company and making sure our demands were fulfilled.

I would highly recommend Smartcon and Mr. Mert Ergorun as a business partner in Turkey.


If you want personal statement, you are welcome to contact me by:




Best regards

Horia L. Stefan

Smartcon | Consulting | Sourcing