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SmartGRC® Brick Lining Panel revolutionizes facade construction with its Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) composition. This A1 fire-rated, non-combustible panel is distinguished by its channelled design, which streamlines the cladding process. Designed to facilitate the easy insertion of brick slips, it ensures a swift and precise application, making it an ideal solution for enhancing the efficiency and aesthetic of building exteriors.

Key Advantages

A1 Fire Rating: Ensuring the highest level of safety, the panel is non-combustible, providing peace of mind in all construction environments.

Efficiency: The panel’s design significantly reduces the time required for brick slip application, essential for timely project completion.

Labor Savings: By simplifying the installation process, it minimizes the need for skilled labour, offering considerable cost benefits, especially in large projects.

Ease of Application: Pre-channelled grooves eliminate common brick slip application challenges, facilitating easy and accurate placement.

Environmental Integrity: Made with eco-friendly materials, it’s asbestos-free and devoid of harmful substances, aligning with sustainable construction practices.

Versatility: Its compatibility with metal frameworks extends its use across various architectural styles and construction scenarios, from new constructions to renovations.

This comprehensive approach combines functionality, safety, and environmental consideration, establishing the SmartGRC® Brick Lining Panel as a superior choice for modern construction needs.


How to Stick the Brick Slips?

Use cement-based brick slip adhesive to stick the brick slips within the channels.

How to Install?

Construct a metal framework underneath and screw the boards directly onto it.

How to Cut?

Use a diamond-headed spiral saw.

How to Fill Joint Gaps?

Fill using mastic or paste.

Technical Specifications

Tolerance of Dimensions
± 1.9 %
Fire Resistance
A1 – non-combustible
Bending Strength
11 Mpa
Net Weight
5,50 KGS/panel

Standard Dimensions

8 mm
600 mm
1250 mm

SmartGRC® Brick Lining Panel is a trademark of Smartcon Int’l Trade & Marketing Ltd.