2 Jul, 2024

The Advantages of Sourcing Building Materials from Turkey

Sourcing building materials is a crucial aspect of the construction industry, directly impacting project timelines, costs, and overall quality. For European businesses, finding the right balance between cost, quality, and delivery time is essential. One country that stands out in meeting these criteria is Turkey. In this article, we will explore the numerous advantages of sourcing building materials from Turkey, focusing on its strategic geographic location, competitive pricing, high-quality products, and economic advantages.

Strategic Geographic Location

Turkey’s geographic location offers a significant advantage for European businesses. Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is much closer to Europe compared to China and India. This proximity translates to shorter delivery times and lower freight costs, which are crucial factors for businesses looking to minimize delays and reduce transportation expenses.

Key Points:

  • Shorter Delivery Times: The shorter distance between Turkey and European countries ensures faster delivery of building materials, helping to keep construction projects on schedule.
  • Lower Freight Costs: Reduced transportation distances result in lower freight costs, making Turkish building materials more cost-effective compared to those sourced from more distant countries.
  • Land Freight Advantages: Turkey shares borders with Greece and Bulgaria, allowing Turkish companies to send their goods using land freight. This method is much faster than sea freight, further reducing delivery times and improving supply chain efficiency.

Competitive Pricing

Turkey is known for having one of the lowest labour costs in Europe, which directly impacts the pricing of its building materials. The lower production costs enable Turkish manufacturers to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. This cost advantage is particularly beneficial for European businesses looking to maximize their budget without sacrificing product standards.

Key Points:

  • Low Labor Costs: Turkey’s low labour costs contribute to the affordability of its building materials, providing significant savings for European importers.
  • Competitive Prices: The cost-effective production processes in Turkey allow for competitive pricing, making Turkish building materials an attractive option for cost-conscious businesses.

Economic Advantages: Exchange Rate Dynamics

The exchange rate dynamics between the Turkish lira and major European currencies such as the euro (EUR) and the British pound (GBP) have also created favourable conditions for European businesses. The current exchange rates make Turkish exports more competitively priced, providing European companies with the opportunity to purchase high-quality materials at attractive prices.

Key Points:

  • Currency Advantage: The favourable exchange rates make Turkish building materials more affordable for European buyers, offering significant cost savings.
  • Increased Purchasing Power: European businesses benefit from increased purchasing power, allowing them to source more materials within their budget.

High-Quality Products and EU Certification

Turkey’s building materials are produced to high standards and are certified with a harmonized system in accordance with European Union (EU) regulations. This certification ensures that Turkish products meet the stringent quality and safety standards required in Europe, facilitating smoother import processes and reducing regulatory hurdles.

Key Points:

  • EU Certification: Turkish building materials are certified according to EU standards, ensuring compliance with European regulations and simplifying the import process for European businesses.
  • High Quality: Turkish manufacturers are known for producing high-quality building materials, ensuring that European businesses receive reliable and durable products.

Strong Trade Partnerships with Europe

Turkey is one of the most important trade partners of the EU market and the United Kingdom. The country has established robust trade relationships with many European nations, fostering trust and cooperation. According to the European Commission, the EU is Turkey’s largest trading partner, accounting for 41.3% of Turkey’s total trade in 2020. Additionally, Turkey is the EU’s sixth-largest trading partner, representing 3.6% of the EU’s total trade. These strong trade ties facilitate smoother transactions, reliable supply chains, and better access to Turkish building materials for European companies.

Key Points:

  • Established Trade Relationships: Turkey’s strong trade partnerships with European countries ensure reliable supply chains and smoother transactions.
  • Strategic Trade Partner: Being a key trade partner, Turkey offers European businesses a dependable source of high-quality building materials.
  • Trade Data: The EU accounted for 41.3% of Turkey’s total trade in 2020, while Turkey represented 3.6% of the EU’s total trade, highlighting the strong trade connections between Turkey and Europe.

Diverse Range of Building Materials

Turkey produces almost every type of building material, offering a comprehensive sourcing hub for European businesses. From cement and steel to ceramics and insulation materials, Turkish manufacturers provide a wide variety of products to meet diverse construction needs. This extensive range of materials allows European companies to source everything they need from a single location, streamlining their procurement processes.

Key Points:

  • Wide Variety of Materials: Turkey’s diverse production capabilities cover almost all types of building materials, catering to various construction requirements.
  • One-Stop Sourcing Hub: The availability of a wide range of products makes Turkey a convenient one-stop sourcing hub for European businesses.

The Ideal Blend of Quality and Cost

Turkey’s combination of high-quality products and competitive pricing makes it an ideal sourcing destination for European construction and building materials businesses. The country’s ability to blend superior quality with reasonable costs ensures that businesses can achieve the best value for their investments.

Key Points:

  • Quality and Cost Balance: Turkish building materials offer an excellent balance of quality and cost, providing European businesses with value-for-money solutions.
  • Attractive Sourcing Destination: The combination of competitive pricing, high quality, and strategic location makes Turkey a highly attractive sourcing destination for building materials.


Sourcing building materials from Turkey presents numerous advantages for European businesses. Turkey’s strategic geographic location ensures shorter delivery times and lower freight costs, while its competitive pricing, driven by low labour costs and favourable exchange rates, provides significant savings. The high quality of Turkish building materials, certified in accordance with EU standards, guarantees reliability and compliance with European regulations. Additionally, Turkey’s strong trade partnerships with Europe and diverse production capabilities make it a comprehensive sourcing hub, offering a wide range of building materials to meet various construction needs. By sourcing from Turkey, European businesses can benefit from an ideal blend of quality and cost, making it a smart choice for their building material requirements.

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