BoardeX is an innovative, non-combustible exterior sheathing board with an a1 fire rating, suitable for exterior wall systems, ventilated façade systems, backer board applications under various claddings, and beneath ceramic tiling. Featuring a moisture-resistant core and a distinctive orange glass fibre mat, it provides enhanced durability and mold resistance, ideal for safe, long-lasting construction.

Key Advantages

Composition and Strength: BoardeX is a high-strength construction material, featuring a fibreglass mat coating and a fully integrated core for enhanced durability.

Mold and Bacteria Resistance: Its specially developed core effectively prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, or fungus, even under conditions of extreme temperature changes and moisture.

Fire Resistance: Classified as an A1 class non-combustible material, BoardeX’s fibreglass matting and special core components significantly enhance fire resistance when applied to walls.

Application Process: The application of BoardeX involves a primer coat of cement-based jointing compound and basecoat, followed by a mineral layer to prepare for painting.

Flexural Strength and Installation Flexibility: Offers uniform flexural strength in both directions, allowing for versatile horizontal or vertical installation.

Aesthetics and Functionality: BoardeX is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a vital component in rainscreen systems and façade repair.

Weather-Resistant Installation: Suitable for application in various weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, and allows for uninterrupted interior construction work by protecting materials from weather exposure.

Load Bearing Support: It contributes to the strength of the load-bearing system to which it is affixed.

Handling and Stability: Lighter and more convenient to handle than wood-based or cement-based boards, BoardeX offers better dimensional stability against surface water absorption and moisture.

Workability and Insulation Performance: Easily cut with a utility knife, BoardeX enables the design of thermally insulated walls with low heat transmission, ensuring higher insulation efficiency.


How to Paint?

Apply water-based acrylic paint after installation.

How to Apply?

Construct a metal framework underneath and screw the boards directly onto it.

How to Cut?

Use an utility knife.

How to Fill Joint Gaps?

Fill using water resistant mastic or paste.

Technical Specifications

Average Weight
12,5 mm – 15 mm
10,8 kg/m² – 13,5 kg/m²
Shear Strength
≥ 1000 N
Water Absorption
≤ 5% according to TS EN 15283-1, H1
Thermal Conductivity
0,25 W/mK
Fire Resistance

a1: Non-combustible according to TS EN 13501-1

Standard Dimensions

12,5 & 15 mm
1200 mm
2400 mm